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It’s while looking at this thousand African shading, that I keep on thinking that the world is my home.

Live new experiences.

Discover new places.

Relax, I'll plan everything.


Personal traveller

The world is my biggest passion, my home, my huge inspiration. 

From the curiosity of exploring its shading, I felt the need of engaging people who love to travel, just like me.

That’s my job and I do it with the desire of sharing the beauty which surrounds us, from smells to colors, highlighting customs and tradition belonging to every place.

My desire is to let you discover hidden and suggestive spots of every place that I visited, by creating unique sensations and memories.


While travelling with me all you have to do is relax: I’ll organize everything down to the smallest details.

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"Napoli has been two days of ordinary mess. Thank you to Pasqui, our tour leader, for guiding us through this wonderful city."

Casto dj


Travel Journey

My book about my biggest trip is finally out!

“From London to Beijing by train,

Interrail Transiberiana”.

A unique experience told in an inspirational book. 


Let's get in touch

We are going to plan together your next trip

+39 351 7731269

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